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Sexual Education for the Modern Woman:

Pretty Sexucated is a platform that promotes sexual health and wellness by empowering women to prioritize pleasure- centered experiences. We believe that pleasure is a journey and a process, rather than an end goal. Through practical techniques and sex-positive education, we empower women to explore their sexuality and sensuality for overall sexual health and wellness.


Notable Award or Achievements 

Master of Public Health

AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator

Pleasure centered sex education 

 My mission is to promote sexual health and wellness by empowering women to identify and prioritize their sexual pleasure-centered experiences through practical tools and sexual health education.

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To Enhance Your Pleasure

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Our Core Values

KNOWLEDGE: We believe that sex education is essential for personal development and overall health and wellness.


PLEASURE: We believe that intimacy is not just about intercourse and penetration but also about pleasure and communication between partners. 


WELL-BEING: We believe that women do not have to sacrifice their happiness, goals and vision in order to navigate their different life roles. 


EXCELLENCE: We are committed to a sexy, yet sophisticated customer experience rooted in excellence. 

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Your Sexual Wellness Expert 

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